‘Yeah, yahoo is not going to invest in local search (LS) right now’ said by new CEO Marissa Mayer

It is a mandate of Yahoo to give preference to search but the news is that Yahoo is not going to pay any attention to invest in LS in upcoming times.

This news is revealed few days back by new CEO of this company Marissa Mayer


At number of occasions she spoke about company (Yahoo) and search on general terms. She said that it’s become a routine of Yahoo users to search on daily basis. By saying this she made it very clear that her main focus will be on search as new CEO of this company. But the future prospect on search is not going to focus on LS products of Yahoo.

Further explaining her future prospect related to invest in local search, she said that LS is really an interesting thing but it needs lots of hard work, time to develop traffic listing and heavy investment. Yahoo is already having number of products in that area and which are going great at the moment but it seems difficult to indulge in to next level. Company is not anticipating creating some changes in short term. At this time local search is not the area to focus and make investment in it.

There was a time when Yahoo were leading in LS and mapping but the situation got worsted when its products had overlooked over the years and then Google made its entry. Mayer herself heavily invested in LS and mapping and she is doing so continuously.


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