Webmaster Guidelines from Bing

New guidelines have been offered from the Bing publishers for webmasters. These guidelines are the first ever set of guidelines for webmaster, includes overall guidance for website owners for best performances connected to search engine optimization for Bing’s SE (search engine).

You can approach these guidelines from two ways • You can find them in the help section of webmaster tools which is a new entry under the column of Content guidelines. • You can also approach them directly via link and that is http://www.bing.com/webmaster/help/webmaster-guidelines-30fba23a. These webmaster guidelines from Bing slightly touch the areas of links and social media but they efficiently and deeply covers the topics related to technical websites and SEO. But as compare to Google webmaster guideline, Bing’s webmaster guidelines are not detailed not précised. Bings announces that they are doing further work on these guidelines as these guidelines only touches the major areas related to SEO. These guidelines are well precise but people are unable to find any technical answer from them because of its preciseness. But these are such a support for business people related to search marketing.. For result based solutions : Bing is also planning to carry out 6 free webinars from now to month of February, the topic which will cover in them are like SEO 101, Crawling Basics etc If you are searching for more detail then you should visit Bing’s webmaster question answer section.


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