Facebook is challenging Yelp, Google, Foursquare and others with its Graph search application

Facebook is now getting serious for its little white box which lies at the top of its interface, which was getting ignored over years.

Fb announced new occurrence in search world named Fb Graph Search. The search results based on likes and other actions from users which decide what are relevant for specific search. It also offers search filters which is basically a capability to make search which is based on that huge data which is present in Fb system.

Web search and Graph Search are quite different things. Websearch gives best possible search result which is based on appropriate keywords like cars, jazz music etc, whereas Graph search gives best possible results on combine phrases like my friend in New Zealand who like rock music, and you will get number of places, photos, images, people which has been shared on Fb. So it is quite different from web search.

This search will only add photos, people, places, interests, share, post etc for now. Here are some snapshot of this search application.






The search results which you will conduct will be personalized, and Fb assured that users search results will keep in secret and you will search only that content which has been shared with you.

Facebook Graph Search is going to become more worthy for Fb active users who likes, share and comments on business, artists and movies pages on regular basis.

How Fb is challenging search engines?

Fb Graph search is not a conventional search engine like other search engine, it is basically social search engine and hopes are high that this experience going to be successful because of huge following of Fb users.

The question about this social search engine is roaming that will this social search engine will change the users Google habit? Because of its different purpose from other traditional web search, the answer may be in yes.



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