Local SEO campaign: 6 thinking points before starting it

Local SEO campaign is usually on small level instead of other SEO campaigns which are at “macro” level. Local SEO don’t have vast departments to deal with and off course less money is required for such campaigns and last but not the least, high and direct level of relationship between business owner and you.

Don’t underestimate this campaign with small level because it doesn’t mean less. This is local SEO campaign with small budget which helps your company to make it present online and get on the top rank local sites in market.

This post highlights some important points to consider before going starting this local SEO campaign:

  1. Get to know why they want to jump on first place in ranking

It’s important to get to know WHY question because it’s all about money. Why one business want top ranking over other websites? Is this business only wanted to give directions or want to generate potential customers? Just ask them before taking any action.

  1. on page optimization for search

Ask some important questions related to optimization for search such as are the navigation flat? Are titles tags are on proper place? Crawl errors? Search bots seeing the website? Etc

  1. Metric system for website

It is one of the most important point to think because it is judged that most of the time company thinking about the website in total different way where as customers are wishing something else on website. So proper metric system is very important to improve according to users interests and make important changes on website.

  1. Existing online tracks

Is this business having social presence and connected to social reviews sites, are this business getting links from authentic sites or spam sources? Such questions should consider to get the real track you want to.

  1. Where their customers meet online?

 It’s important to know the places and spots where these businesses customers meet or get to gather online. Is there any source to assemble the site brand into conversation economically? How can make ads become more visible for people who are interested in their business?

  1. Their competitors online strategy

How can mingle their own strategies with their competitors? How their competitors are getting customers via social media and how are they promoting their brand name?


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