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Facebook is challenging Yelp, Google, Foursquare and others with its Graph search application

Facebook is now getting serious for its little white box which lies at the top of its interface, which was getting ignored over years. Fb announced new occurrence in search world named Fb Graph Search. The search results based on likes and other actions from users which decide what are relevant for specific search. It […]

Local SEO campaign: 6 thinking points before starting it

Local SEO campaign is usually on small level instead of other SEO campaigns which are at “macro” level. Local SEO don’t have vast departments to deal with and off course less money is required for such campaigns and last but not the least, high and direct level of relationship between business owner and you. Don’t […]

Webmaster Guidelines from Bing

New guidelines have been offered from the Bing publishers for webmasters. These guidelines are the first ever set of guidelines for webmaster, includes overall guidance for website owners for best performances connected to search engine optimization for Bing’s SE (search engine). You can approach these guidelines from two ways • You can find them in […]

‘Yeah, yahoo is not going to invest in local search (LS) right now’ said by new CEO Marissa Mayer

It is a mandate of Yahoo to give preference to search but the news is that Yahoo is not going to pay any attention to invest in LS in upcoming times. This news is revealed few days back by new CEO of this company Marissa Mayer At number of occasions she spoke about company (Yahoo) […]